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For the Chocolate Aficionados

Just last week, I was fortunate enough to experience one of Berkeley’s most exquisite secrets:

Perhaps it is not that much of a secret to those who often stroll down Gourmet Ghetto, but it is definitely understated among students, probably because of its price. However, consuming these chocolates was an amazing experience. They were, hands down, one of the best chocolates I have ever had in my life.

Snaps beautifully with a crisp crack upon biting, and the cocoa flavour is deep but not overpowering. The different flavours in the chocolate blend together in perfect harmony and the texture of the silky truffle titillates the taste buds. These delightful chocolates are perfection in small sizes.

What I also really liked about the chocolates is that they are not too sweet, unlike many of the chocolates that you can usually find in stores. But then again, Chocolate Alegio isn’t exactly your typical chocolate.

Clockwise from top left: Ginger and Orange (my favourite), The Caribbean 66%, Habanero, Ecuador 90%

Chocolate Alegio far exceeded my expectations and I will never ever underestimate local businesses again. Thank you Berkeley, for slowly making me deviate from the mainstream, one food choice at a time. What’s next, grocery shopping at Farmers’ Market?


Chocolate Cheerios

Why did I grab a second bowl of Chocolate Cheerios?

Why fifteen minutes before I go to bed?


Note to self: Buy yucky cereal.