Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

I distinctly remember watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted and Marshall drove all the way to Chicago and defied all sorts of obstacles just to buy a box of Chicago pizza that was supposedly mind-blowing.  Then and there in my cramped room in the boarding house did I make a vow to myself to try this amazing pizza if circumstances should somehow lead me to the Americas. Talk about effective advertisement!

Fast forward two years and here I am smacked in the Bay Area, thousands of miles from that elusive  Chicago pizza. Eating a Chicago-style pizza was on my bucket list and I was telling Eric how it was imperative for me to fly to Chicago before I graduate; not to see the Cloud Gate or to shop till I drop on Miracle Mile, but to tick off that item on my bucket list. Instead, he proposed that I save myself hundreds of dollars on flight tickets and search for a place in the Bay Area that served Chicago-style pizza.

That was how I met Zachary’s Chicago Pizza.

The Chicken Special - my first stuffed pizza!

The deep-dish pizza which oozed with melted cheese,baked chicken and savoury tomato sauce was delicioso! As Eric and I were famished that Friday night, we initially had second thoughts on whether a Small would satisfy our hunger. It proved to be sufficient for three and in retrospect, I shouldn’t have eaten three-quarters of my daily calorie requirement in a single meal. Whoops.

I am glad to have accomplished one of my life’s missions. Thank you Zachary’s and 51B AC Transit, for making my American Dream come true without making me broke.


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