Best Boba

Over the past two years, I have changed my opinions on the best bubble milk tea (boba) I have had. It started with ones at Ten Ren’s Tea Time, a tea house that can be found in many Chinatowns in the US. Then there was Kung Fu Tea in New York’s Chinatown, where you get to choose the sugar level in your drink. The past week has seen some new developments. Foodspotting in LA has somehow brought me to Half & Half Tea House in Alhambra, CA, and I now declare Half & Half Tea House’s boba as my all time favourite!

Once again, I do not have a personally taken picture of the boba but here’s another one that I stole from Yelp. This isn’t even the flavour that I ordered but whatevs –

First thing you’d notice is that the drink comes in a short and fat cup. While I was drinking it, I felt like it was way more than what was contained in a regular cup of boba but that may be purely psychological. I guess it is pretty cute that it comes in a cup of different dimensions, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t fit in many cup holders in cars.

I can’t remember the flavour of the iced milk drink that I ordered from the top of my head, but mine had taro pudding, honey, boba and possibly one other stuff in it. What makes the boba so good is the different types of flavours and textures in one cup, and I especially loved the soft pudding! One of the downsides of the boba was that it was so very extremely sweet but that was something I was willing to overlook at that moment because of the amazingness of the pudding and how it mixed so harmoniously with the honey, boba and milk.

This place is pretty popular and there was a long line when I got there. I had to wait for about fifteen minutes to place my order. And of course, with a drink containing so many things, you can expect the price to be more than your average boba. Their iced milk drinks cost $3.85, but that is a price I would pay for the best boba I ever had!


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