Fast Food Fix

Someone back at home once told me that the best burger he had ever eaten was Carl’s Jr Portobello Mushroom Burger. I decided to give Carl’s Jr a shot and I have to say that their burgers are pretty tasty and savoury. I still have reservations about declaring the best burger ever, but that guy did not lie about it being good and it still left a good impression on me.

I also decided to stop by Five Guys near the UCLA campus. What I really like about Five Guys is the fact that you get to choose as many toppings and sauces as you want  from their list of fifteen. I went a little overboard with the toppings, which resulted in a very soggy and non-photogenic burger. The flavour and savouriness of the burger still made up for the bun’s sogginess. I would say it was a good trade-off. This burger would have been perfect if it had Bongo Burger’s warm and seed-toasted buns.

As for the french fries, I liked the ones from Carl’s Jr more than the ones from Five Guys. Five Guys’ tasted a little too starchy and clumpy for my liking, but I guess that’s a matter of personal preference.

Needless to say, I have had enough burgers and french fries for the month, unless an In N Out cheeseburger should  somehow come my way 🙂


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