Mexican Madness!

El Tarasco at Venice, CA.

Blew my mind! Their flour tortillas are amazing! I could eat a whole bucketful of their freshly made tortillas.

The menu made me spoilt for choice too. I have not seen so many Mexican food choices on one menu, but that’s not saying much as I have not been to many Mexican restaurants. The only ones I have been to in California are La Burrita, Cafe Durant and Cancun in Berkeley. And Chipotle and Taco Bell, if you consider those Mexican. The point is, I don’t have much to compare to so I have low standards when it comes to Mexican food and am easily impressed.

I decided to go for the carne asada plate and it was so good and filling, especially for just $7 or so.

This may sound so funny, but I also like how the restaurant did not look sophisticated. It gave a greater feeling of authenticity in a way. Sometimes, the restaurants with the best food are the ones that don’t look too refined, and the many restaurants and food stalls in Asia are proof of that.

If only there was an El Tarasco in Berkeley!


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