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The onion-cranberry marmalade was a very pleasant addition to this sandwich. Who knew that onion and cranberry could go so well together?

Summer Kitchen Bake Shop on College Ave has some pretty decent sandwiches. I really liked the onion-cranberry marmalade and the poppy seeds on my sandwich, and my friend enjoyed his blue-cheese burger. As delicious as my sandwich was, the price was a little more than what I would pay for a wholesome sandwich.

Speaking of sandwiches, I have recently discovered another deli besides Northside Cafe on the north side of UC campus — Hummingbird Cafe. I had their turkey avocado sandwich on dutch crunch and it was delish. Their sandwiches are about $4 to $5 and they are just as wholesome as the sandwiches in Northside Cafe. They also sell a small selection of pastries in their window at about $1.50, which is obviously a better deal than the ones in Qualcomm. The owner was nice enough to heat up my danish pastry in the microwave before giving it to me too. It is safe for me to say that I will be making more frequent stops at Hummingbird Cafe next semester.


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Finished my last packet of herbs just in time for the end of semester. Nothing like herbal Chicken soup to make me feel warm and happy inside.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Sushi Galore

Location : Kome Sushi Buffet, Daly City, CA





I could try to reel off a near-complete list of things that they have but that list will end up being a huge chunk of text, probably a paragraph with five lines or more. In fact, I am actually going to do it. Challenge accepted.

Probably fifteen different types of sushi, nigiri, sashimi, sushi wrap, tempura, steamed tofu, edameme, miso soup, ginseng chicken soup, scallop soup, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, mussels, fried mackerel, fried shrimps, chinese vegetables and tofu that I did not want to waste my stomach space on,  dimsum including siu mai, har gow, char siu bao, custard bun and taro bun, various noodle soups like wonton noodle soup, danish pastries, mango mousse, random jellies, an assortment of fruits like watermelon, honeydew and pineapple, and different flavors of ice cream like green tea and mango.  Pretty good buffet deal for $17 I dare say.

The wide variety of sushi that they had blew me away but after a while, they all started to taste the same to me (I still enjoyed them nonetheless). The dim sum is mediocre, except for the custard bun that was so soft and warm, and it melted in my mouth oh so beautifully. My friends also loved the taro bun. The roast duck? Probably the best thing they had in the Chinese cuisine section: it far exceeded my expectations, and the line of middle aged Asian ladies lining up for those are testament to its quality.

Kome Sushi Buffet is definitely the place to be if you want to stuff yourself with plenty of sushi and Chinese food of decent quality. The sushi was not top notch or super fresh but it was definitely good for something that was mass produced. The sheer quantity of food that you get to stuff yourself with for $17 also makes up for it. Big time.

Kome Sushi, I vill ve vack.

Thai Tempations

This weekend, I had insatiable cravings for Pad Thai and Mango & Sticky Rice Pudding. Took a small leap of faith and decided to go to Gecko Gecko, a Thai / Californian restaurant on Milvia street that is unheard of by college students but highly rated on Yelp.

One step into the restaurant and I immediately felt out of place because

1) For once in Berkeley, my ethnicity rendered me a minority.

2) I am not over forty.

Despite that, I gave this place a shot to see what this Thai- California eatery has to offer. I ordered the Country Pad Thai, which is your regular Pad Thai with chilli-garlic sauce, and mango walnut fried rice.

The Country Pad Thai was pretty good and I liked the sauce that came with it. The Mango & Walnut Fried Rice was good too, but I still prefer the regular pineapple and cashew nut fried rice.

As good as the Pad Thai was, I am hesitant to praise Gecko Gecko because of their abysmal service; it took an hour for the food to get on our table, excluding the waiting time to get a table. I was also disappointed that they did not have the mango and sticky rice pudding that I was craving for. I decided to sleep on it, hoping that I would forget about it the next day.

Alas, it did not happen. And I found myself craving some more Pad Thai.

My temporary obsession for Thai food drove me to Pin Toh, where I ordered regular Pad Thai and the much coveted Mango & Sticky Rice Pudding! Surprisingly enough, this trip to Pin Toh marked the first time I had dinner to go this semester, and it felt really good to gorge myself on carry-out food while watching Grey’s Anatomy lazily in the comforts of my apartment.

I found myself missing the chilli-garlic sauce from Gecko Gecko, which my bottle of Sriracha could not make up for. That aside, the Pad Thai was decent. I thought the Mango Sticky Rice Pudding was just okay – it was pretty expensive for what it was and could not compare to the Mango Sticky Rice at Berkeley’s Thai Temple on Sundays (duh, some might say). Nevertheless, my Thai dinner satisfied by cravings… for the day 🙂

Asqew Grill

I was faced with the most mundane food dilemma when I was waiting to watch a  movie at  Emeryville – where to eat dinner?

That was when I discovered the wonders of Asqew Grill’s Happy Hours. The baby back ribs at only $3.00 was an amazing steal, and it tasted real good too. The grilled artichoke, which many people seemed to like, was good I suppose. This was the second time I had artichoke and the only reason I’m not using top dollar adjectives to describe it is because the first artichoke I’ve ever had was in a gourmet restaurant in Monterey so I had unrealistic expectations. The buffalo wings which was also part of the Happy Hour deal was pretty average.

I got a single balsamic beef skewer and grilled pear salad with candied almonds. I was slightly disappointed to see so much salad and so little meat but well, I did order a single skewer. The grilled pear, with hints of caramelized sugar, tasted good and the candied almonds went well with the pear and the salad.

The best part of my dining experience at Asqew Grill was hands down, the $3.00 baby back ribs. If I could turn back time, I would just order three baby back ribs as my entree because they were so freaking good.

La Mediterranee

Middle Eastern Plate: Chicken Cecilia, Grecian Spinach and Feta, Levant Sandwich and Chicken Pomegranate with Green Salad

Levant Sandwich, oh you so tasty. I could eat a whole roll but all that cream cheese and feta cheese would do bad things to my waistline.

Chicken Cecilia, you intrigue me – in a good way. You are like a crispy spring roll stuffed with chicken floss and raisins. Your interesting combination of sweet and savoury brought such delight to my taste buds.

Chicken Pomegranate, I’m glad I chose you over the Lamb Lule.

And slice of cheese, you confuse me. I did not know what do with you – was I suppose to just eat you as it is or stuff you in the pita bread or what?

I am having conversations with my dinner plate. This is not a good sign.

Sweet Banana Creme Pie

Nation’s, you serve good pies!

Teppanyaki Fun

Just when I thought that my spendings on dining out would  slow down after LA, I was tempted to try teppanyaki for the very first time in my life. Went to Hana Japan at the Berkeley Marina and found ourselves seated around a hot iron griddle.

The chef who was serving our table was very lively and entertaining. One of his stunts, the “butterfly”, was hilariously lame, where he threw a stick of butter from his spatula and made it “fly” to the griddle. Hence, the “butterfly”. He also pulled a couple of cooler stunts like bouncing a spinning egg on a spatula, tossing the egg shell into his chef hat, and making a flaming onion volcano.


I ordered the New York Steak and Shrimp, which came with rice, salad drowned in bitter dressing that was possibly sesame dressing, zucchinis, onions and beansprouts. The shrimp was excellent and it the ginger sauce that was provided at the side was great. The steak was not much to rave about though.

My first teppanyaki experience was very entertaining. Would I come back? Maybe if I really wanted some sort of entertainment while waiting for my food. But chances are, I’d spend my $16 on two meals elsewhere.

Fentons, Finally

I have heard people rave about Fentons for the past two years, so it was about time that my friends and I experienced Fentons for ourselves. Hopped on the 12, a bus that I never knew existed, and indulged in more American diner food and delicious desserts.

I was warned that the sundae portions in Fentons were large, so I resorted to getting side orders as my dinner. I was quite surprised to learn that Fentons had really nice and crunchy french fries and onion rings.

Now here comes the real deal.

We ordered the Banana Junior and the Fenton Special. Banana Junior is what you would expect in a banana split sundae – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored ice cream topped with nuts, chocolate and strawberry syrup, some tasty yellow jelly and whipped cream with  a cherry on top. It was sooo good. The Fentons Special was more fruity and had flavours that I cannot name. Out of the two, the Banana Junior was my favourite. Perhaps it was because I was more in the mood for neapolitan flavored ice cream over fruity flavored ones. In addition to that, the ice cream in the Banana Junior was more accessible than the one in the tall glass which required much digging. I am obviously too lazy to do any work when eating my ice cream.

I had a huge belly that remained for hours after my dinner at Fentons. They were not kidding about the American sized portions! I had such a satisfying experience and believe me, I will be back.