Fentons, Finally

I have heard people rave about Fentons for the past two years, so it was about time that my friends and I experienced Fentons for ourselves. Hopped on the 12, a bus that I never knew existed, and indulged in more American diner food and delicious desserts.

I was warned that the sundae portions in Fentons were large, so I resorted to getting side orders as my dinner. I was quite surprised to learn that Fentons had really nice and crunchy french fries and onion rings.

Now here comes the real deal.

We ordered the Banana Junior and the Fenton Special. Banana Junior is what you would expect in a banana split sundae – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavored ice cream topped with nuts, chocolate and strawberry syrup, some tasty yellow jelly and whipped cream with  a cherry on top. It was sooo good. The Fentons Special was more fruity and had flavours that I cannot name. Out of the two, the Banana Junior was my favourite. Perhaps it was because I was more in the mood for neapolitan flavored ice cream over fruity flavored ones. In addition to that, the ice cream in the Banana Junior was more accessible than the one in the tall glass which required much digging. I am obviously too lazy to do any work when eating my ice cream.

I had a huge belly that remained for hours after my dinner at Fentons. They were not kidding about the American sized portions! I had such a satisfying experience and believe me, I will be back.


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