Teppanyaki Fun

Just when I thought that my spendings on dining out would  slow down after LA, I was tempted to try teppanyaki for the very first time in my life. Went to Hana Japan at the Berkeley Marina and found ourselves seated around a hot iron griddle.

The chef who was serving our table was very lively and entertaining. One of his stunts, the “butterfly”, was hilariously lame, where he threw a stick of butter from his spatula and made it “fly” to the griddle. Hence, the “butterfly”. He also pulled a couple of cooler stunts like bouncing a spinning egg on a spatula, tossing the egg shell into his chef hat, and making a flaming onion volcano.


I ordered the New York Steak and Shrimp, which came with rice, salad drowned in bitter dressing that was possibly sesame dressing, zucchinis, onions and beansprouts. The shrimp was excellent and it the ginger sauce that was provided at the side was great. The steak was not much to rave about though.

My first teppanyaki experience was very entertaining. Would I come back? Maybe if I really wanted some sort of entertainment while waiting for my food. But chances are, I’d spend my $16 on two meals elsewhere.


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