La Mediterranee

Middle Eastern Plate: Chicken Cecilia, Grecian Spinach and Feta, Levant Sandwich and Chicken Pomegranate with Green Salad

Levant Sandwich, oh you so tasty. I could eat a whole roll but all that cream cheese and feta cheese would do bad things to my waistline.

Chicken Cecilia, you intrigue me – in a good way. You are like a crispy spring roll stuffed with chicken floss and raisins. Your interesting combination of sweet and savoury brought such delight to my taste buds.

Chicken Pomegranate, I’m glad I chose you over the Lamb Lule.

And slice of cheese, you confuse me. I did not know what do with you – was I suppose to just eat you as it is or stuff you in the pita bread or what?

I am having conversations with my dinner plate. This is not a good sign.


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