Asqew Grill

I was faced with the most mundane food dilemma when I was waiting to watch a  movie at  Emeryville – where to eat dinner?

That was when I discovered the wonders of Asqew Grill’s Happy Hours. The baby back ribs at only $3.00 was an amazing steal, and it tasted real good too. The grilled artichoke, which many people seemed to like, was good I suppose. This was the second time I had artichoke and the only reason I’m not using top dollar adjectives to describe it is because the first artichoke I’ve ever had was in a gourmet restaurant in Monterey so I had unrealistic expectations. The buffalo wings which was also part of the Happy Hour deal was pretty average.

I got a single balsamic beef skewer and grilled pear salad with candied almonds. I was slightly disappointed to see so much salad and so little meat but well, I did order a single skewer. The grilled pear, with hints of caramelized sugar, tasted good and the candied almonds went well with the pear and the salad.

The best part of my dining experience at Asqew Grill was hands down, the $3.00 baby back ribs. If I could turn back time, I would just order three baby back ribs as my entree because they were so freaking good.


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