Thai Tempations

This weekend, I had insatiable cravings for Pad Thai and Mango & Sticky Rice Pudding. Took a small leap of faith and decided to go to Gecko Gecko, a Thai / Californian restaurant on Milvia street that is unheard of by college students but highly rated on Yelp.

One step into the restaurant and I immediately felt out of place because

1) For once in Berkeley, my ethnicity rendered me a minority.

2) I am not over forty.

Despite that, I gave this place a shot to see what this Thai- California eatery has to offer. I ordered the Country Pad Thai, which is your regular Pad Thai with chilli-garlic sauce, and mango walnut fried rice.

The Country Pad Thai was pretty good and I liked the sauce that came with it. The Mango & Walnut Fried Rice was good too, but I still prefer the regular pineapple and cashew nut fried rice.

As good as the Pad Thai was, I am hesitant to praise Gecko Gecko because of their abysmal service; it took an hour for the food to get on our table, excluding the waiting time to get a table. I was also disappointed that they did not have the mango and sticky rice pudding that I was craving for. I decided to sleep on it, hoping that I would forget about it the next day.

Alas, it did not happen. And I found myself craving some more Pad Thai.

My temporary obsession for Thai food drove me to Pin Toh, where I ordered regular Pad Thai and the much coveted Mango & Sticky Rice Pudding! Surprisingly enough, this trip to Pin Toh marked the first time I had dinner to go this semester, and it felt really good to gorge myself on carry-out food while watching Grey’s Anatomy lazily in the comforts of my apartment.

I found myself missing the chilli-garlic sauce from Gecko Gecko, which my bottle of Sriracha could not make up for. That aside, the Pad Thai was decent. I thought the Mango Sticky Rice Pudding was just okay – it was pretty expensive for what it was and could not compare to the Mango Sticky Rice at Berkeley’s Thai Temple on Sundays (duh, some might say). Nevertheless, my Thai dinner satisfied by cravings… for the day 🙂


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