The onion-cranberry marmalade was a very pleasant addition to this sandwich. Who knew that onion and cranberry could go so well together?

Summer Kitchen Bake Shop on College Ave has some pretty decent sandwiches. I really liked the onion-cranberry marmalade and the poppy seeds on my sandwich, and my friend enjoyed his blue-cheese burger. As delicious as my sandwich was, the price was a little more than what I would pay for a wholesome sandwich.

Speaking of sandwiches, I have recently discovered another deli besides Northside Cafe on the north side of UC campus — Hummingbird Cafe. I had their turkey avocado sandwich on dutch crunch and it was delish. Their sandwiches are about $4 to $5 and they are just as wholesome as the sandwiches in Northside Cafe. They also sell a small selection of pastries in their window at about $1.50, which is obviously a better deal than the ones in Qualcomm. The owner was nice enough to heat up my danish pastry in the microwave before giving it to me too. It is safe for me to say that I will be making more frequent stops at Hummingbird Cafe next semester.


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