Sushi Galore

Location : Kome Sushi Buffet, Daly City, CA





I could try to reel off a near-complete list of things that they have but that list will end up being a huge chunk of text, probably a paragraph with five lines or more. In fact, I am actually going to do it. Challenge accepted.

Probably fifteen different types of sushi, nigiri, sashimi, sushi wrap, tempura, steamed tofu, edameme, miso soup, ginseng chicken soup, scallop soup, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork, mussels, fried mackerel, fried shrimps, chinese vegetables and tofu that I did not want to waste my stomach space on,  dimsum including siu mai, har gow, char siu bao, custard bun and taro bun, various noodle soups like wonton noodle soup, danish pastries, mango mousse, random jellies, an assortment of fruits like watermelon, honeydew and pineapple, and different flavors of ice cream like green tea and mango.  Pretty good buffet deal for $17 I dare say.

The wide variety of sushi that they had blew me away but after a while, they all started to taste the same to me (I still enjoyed them nonetheless). The dim sum is mediocre, except for the custard bun that was so soft and warm, and it melted in my mouth oh so beautifully. My friends also loved the taro bun. The roast duck? Probably the best thing they had in the Chinese cuisine section: it far exceeded my expectations, and the line of middle aged Asian ladies lining up for those are testament to its quality.

Kome Sushi Buffet is definitely the place to be if you want to stuff yourself with plenty of sushi and Chinese food of decent quality. The sushi was not top notch or super fresh but it was definitely good for something that was mass produced. The sheer quantity of food that you get to stuff yourself with for $17 also makes up for it. Big time.

Kome Sushi, I vill ve vack.


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