Dessert Delights

Masse’s Pastries — the little patisserie sandwiched in the middle of a row of stores on Shattuck and Vine St — houses some of the most heavenly gastronomic pleasures. With each bite, I experienced a momentary detachment from my sufferings incurred by Dead Week and was transported to a place that only knew of immense delight.

The macaroons are also a huge hit in Masse’s Pastries but they are not quite my cup of tea. They were not as delicate as I imagined them to be, given all the hype surrounding them. You could say that I am some sort of macaroon elitist — it would take one heck of a macaroon to actually sweep me off my feet.

That aside, everything else about Masse’s is simply amazing. I have been dreaming about walking back into that patisserie literally every day ever since the day I had their caramel cake. I have even considered making ritual weekend trips to Masse’s. One day, I will try their famous mango mousse. And strawberry cheesecake. And opera. And well, everything else that they have.


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