Bette’s Oceanview Diner was featured on the Food Network for its souffle pancakes. Reviewers on Yelp had strongly divided opinions about Bette’s souffle pancakes. Some believed that they are simply meh given the hype surrounding them while others think they are the bomb. If I had to choose a side, I would be amongst those group of people who perpetuate the hype, and this is based on the banana-rum pancake I had.

This was the first souffle pancake I have ever had and I absolutely love its fluffiness and lightness!  It also had a strong egg taste to it, reminiscent to that of Asian egg tarts. Due to its plainness, the souffle pancake did not stand out on its own but it tasted pretty damn good with maple syrup. I ended up paying about $15 (including tax and tip) for this but I do think it is worth trying if you have never had anything like it  before, and don’t forget the maple syrup.


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