Fake Chinese Food

Do you like fake Chinese food? Well, I do!

I am perfectly okay eating Chinese food that has been modified to suit the Western palate. Sweet and Sour Chicken? Mongolian beef? Cashew Chicken? Bring it on.

Sometimes I do wonder what exactly makes a dish American Chinese because some American Chinese dishes actually originated from China. I have had people whine when I suggested ordering sweet and sour chicken because it is supposedly a fake Chinese dish but it is something that I have pretty frequently in Asia. Then again, I do not exactly live in the most oriental part of Asia so I may have spent eighteen years of my life living under the illusion of eating legitimate Chinese food. Oh the shock, the horror!

Anyway, P.F.Chang’s satisfied my cravings for fake Chinese food. The Chengdu Spiced Lamb was tasty and I liked my chicken and shrimps smothered with honey.


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