Ching Nam Foong

After indulging in a high calorie and saturated fat meal the night before at Senja Lounge, I made a decision to ‘detox’ myself; detox in inverted  commas because there is no way that I am going to survive solely on juices or apples or boiled cabbages. My fake detox simply entails staying away from any meat or fatty food for the next two days. Pretty much go pescetarian, which is something I occasionally do in college when I get bored of meat. So how did my ‘detox’ plan go?

Feeling the need to eat relatively simple and healthy food, my family went for home-style Chinese dishes at Ching Nam Foong and ordered a total of six different dishes for lunch, four of which were vegetable dishes. I was off to a good start.

Fried Bittergourd and Egg

I used to hate bittergourd so much as a kid but I recently discovered that my tolerance for bitterness has increased substantially. Bittergourds and eggs make a pretty good combination but after a while, the bitterness started to get to me and I had to stop scooping them into my plate.


This was my favourite vegetable dish for the day. I might start adding eggplants to the list of vegetables to cook next semester.

Stir-fried Green Beans and Cabbage

So far so good. This was an okay start. Then came the next two dishes: sweet and sour fish, and chicken curry.

Sweet and Sour Fish

Kari Ayam

My dad claimed that the chicken curry is very popular in Ching Nam Foong and just by looking at it, I had the urge to shower my plate of rice with curry and potatoes. So I did.

Was Detox Day 1 successful? No. Even though my lunch was full of vegetables, I literally had too much on my plate in an effort to help clean everything off the table. Deep fried fish is not exactly healthy either but I managed to stay pescetarian…until dinner time. I ended up having ko lo mee with thin slabs of chicken and minced beef. How could I possibly resist ko lo mee, knowing that I won’t be able to have any of it for the next twelve months?

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