Made in Brunei

Asian French Toast with Cheese @ Universal Cafe, Seria, Brunei

This has everything I like – egg, carbs, molten cheese sandwiched in the middle and sugar on the side. This soft and fluffy french toast works well when dipped in sugar or ketchup — you can’t go wrong either way.

Keropok @ Soon Lee Mega Mart, Kuala Belait

Locally made keropok (crisps) with peanuts and dried anchovies. I was hoping to buy one of those bitter crisps, the name of which I can’t remember at the moment, but the store ran out of them I got this instead. I actually dig local Malay crisps more than stuff like Doritos or Lays.

Nasi Goreng Hot Point @ Hot Point, The Mall, Brunei

I did not order this but some of my family members did and gave their vote of approval. They especially liked the fried chicken.

Laksa @ Hot Point, The Mall, Brunei

 Satisfied my cravings for laksa with this humongous bowl of noodles drowned in coconut milk goodiness. That said, I did wish that the soup was spicier because I found it extremely mild. I will forever be haunted by the laksa I had in Singapore.


One thought on “Made in Brunei

  1. […] french toast because the bread is dipped in egg before it is grilled and is reminiscent of the cheesy french toast sold near my hometown. The Monte Cristo is also served with light raspberry jam on the side that […]

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