Le Doux Patisserie

A bakery was recently set up somewhere in Batu Bersurat by a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Australia. The cakes and pastries simply looked delectable in pictures so my sister decided to buy some to share with the family.

The strawberry and pistachio tartlet tastes just as great as it looks. The strawberries were delightfully sweet and I loved the tart.

I did not get to try this but it does look good!

Caramel mille feuille — approved by the sweet-toothed.

I liked all of the cakes that I tried and I think it is safe to say that Le Doux Patisserie is my favourite bakery in Brunei. I would be happy with having three strawberry and pistachio tartlets from Le Doux Patiserie for my birthday in place of a slice of regular birthday cake. Hint hint.


One thought on “Le Doux Patisserie

  1. Eyra says:

    I love this place too! Definitely my new favorite place to waste money on! :9

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