Eating at Mt Everest

And by Mt Everest, I mean my favourite Indian restaurant in Berkeley. Definitely not as cool as eating on the highest mountain ever but eating here was still a good experience. Customers get to choose their level of spiciness for their dishes and I love how their spiciness scale is nearly always true to my expectations.

So here we got the usual Chicken Tikka Masala and Lamb Karahi, and not to mention their garlic naans.


All that was good but what blew me away were the Chicken Momos. “Chicken what?” you ask. That was my initial reaction too and we took a bit of a risk ordering a side we had never really heard of albeit not completely unfamiliar. Chicken Momos are basically Nepalese chicken dumplings and as much as I hate to say this, I think they are better than regular Chinese dumplings. The chicken stuffings are just so juicy and delicious, and the Momos come with great sauce on the side.


Looks like our leap of faith paid off πŸ™‚


One thought on “Eating at Mt Everest

  1. Johanna says:

    Wow, the chicken momos sound AMAZING.

    Have just discovered your blog, I love the descriptions and reviews! πŸ˜€ Look forward to reading more!

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