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Berkeley Thai Temple

Yet another favourite weekend brunch spot.

The Berkeley Thai Temple down in Ashby sells authentic, delicious Thai food every Sunday morning in an effort to raise money to keep their temple running if I am not mistaken. Here, customers buy tokens which they can then use to buy food at various stalls — how many tokens they give is completely up to their discretion but every stall puts up suggested token donations for various types of food.

I had their Yellow Chicken Curry the last few times I was here and I love the richness of the curry which is reminiscent of Malay chicken curry. As awesome as their chicken curry is, first place goes out to the temple’s mango sticky rice which is simply incredible. Unfortunately, I started devouring it before I remembered taking a picture but that is okay because there WILL be a next time.

Yellow Chicken Curry @ Wat Mongkolratanaram, South Berkeley

Yellow Chicken Curry







Meat Madness

Jong Ga House is officially my favourite Korean restaurant in the East Bay. Honestly, I have not been to that many Korean restaurants in the Bay Area but this is the most legit Korean restaurant I have been to. For my friend’s birthday, we went for their All You Can Eat BBQ and had unlimited chicken, beef and pork with banchan, soup and shike (Korean malt drink) as accompaniments to the main meal.

All You Can Eat Korean BBQ @ Jong Ga House, Oakland





According to the waiter, most customers prefer pork and beef over chicken but the chicken was actually my favourite. The beef and pork were a little too tough and fatty for my liking but the chicken was just perfect for my lazy jaw. We definitely asked for too much meat in the last thirty minutes of dinner and by the end of the meal, I felt like I had eaten a month’s supply of meat. I actually ended up staying away from meat for about a week after that indulgent meal. Note to self: the purpose of an all-you-can-eat is to eat until I am satisfied, not to make the restaurant lose as much profit as possible.

Fried Chicken and Waffles

After hitting the Eat Real Festival in Oakland, I was still pretty hungry and was hoping to find a fast food chain nearby where I could sit down and repeat the process of pigging out again. Upon seeing Home of Chicken and Waffles in neon lights, it did not take me very long to figure out what wanted to eat before riding the bus back home.

Home of Chicken and Waffles –  Jack London Square, Oakland


I thought fried chicken and waffles were a very strange combination but it is supposedly a common Southern thing. Nevertheless, I enjoyed expanding my gastronomic experience.

Eat Real

Eat Real Fest @ Jack London Square, Oakland