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As much as this blog is dedicated to publishing posts about food, Stanford campus is just so beautiful that I cannot not post pictures of the different sceneries on campus. I love the Spanish architecture and the gorgeous landscape that students in a relatively poor educational institution like mine cannot even dream of asking for in the midst of the California budget crisis.






My friend took me to the Stanford Coffee House, called the CoHo for lunch. The coffee house has a very nice cozy vibe to it —  sofas on one side of the room, a mini stage that I presume is for jazzy live performances at night — I could definitely imagine myself ensconced in a couch reading a book and sipping a cup of hot chocolate all day there.

Based on my friend’s recommendations, I ordered the chicken risotto. My friend also ordered the gourmet panini turned out to be a vegetarian panini with eggplants, onions, tomatoes, spinach and cheese. I sampled some of her panini and I must say that it is delicious — personally, I prefer vegetarian paninis over meaty ones and I would recommend diehard meat lovers to temporarily shun aside any prejudices they have against vegetarian food and give vegetarian paninis a shot.

Chicken Risotto @ Coffee House, Stanford



Gourmet Panini @ Coffee House, Stanford



Vegan Asian

Courtesy of my friend and Yelp, my first dinner in Palo Alto was a vegan dinner. Vegan food used to be synonymous to yucky back in the day when my only experience with vegan food was in my college dining commons. Ever since I lived in my own apartment, I started branching out of my dining options and discovered that soy meat and mock seafood don’t taste as bad as they sound and can be surprisingly good.

I was pretty excited to see what pleasant surprises Garden Fresh had in store for us. For our main entrees, we ordered honey walnut shrimp and Thai lemon chicken.

Garden Fresh @ Palo Alto, CA


The texture of the honey walnut (soy) shrimp was nearly true to the real thing and the dish tasted very good. I was impressed.


Thai lemon chicken was good but this one couldn’t fool us into thinking that the meat was legitly chicken.

Chantal Guillon

Macarons @ Chantal Guillon, Palo Alto CA



Finally found macarons that remotely measure up to the ones I had in London and Singapore! I tried their sweet caramel macaron and rose macaron. They were soft and delicate (but the fillings were a little too sweet for something so small).

The next time I am in need of a macaron fix and am in San Francisco, you will probably find me in Chantal Guillon in Civic Center, SF. I may even try the ones at Miette or Paulette Macarons but I am pretty satisfies with the ones at Chantal Guillon!

Sundae on a Monday

Saddleback Brownie Sundae @ Fenton’s Creamery, Oakland


A sweet way to start the week indeed! Vanilla ice cream and fudge are always a good combination. I had a pretty tough battle with this sundae though; I could barely eat half of it, and I did not have anything beforehand. I guess it is not too bad of a thing that my appetite for sweet stuff has shrunk!


I went to 4th Street in Berkeley with the intention of having a souffle pancake and a fried fish sandwich from Bette’s Oceanview Diner but the wait was too long. I ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant called Tacubaya.

Enchiladas @ Tacubaya, 4th Street Berkeley

When we told the cashier that we were looking for an dish that had quantity, she told us that the enchiladas came in really large portions. Well, it was an exaggeration. I was still hungry after and headed to Nation’s to wash down the enchiladas with some banana creme pie. Despite being disappointed by the quantity thanks to the cashier raising my expectations a little too high, I thought the enchiladas were pretty good. I will probably not go out of my way to eat here though since the quality is comparable to Cancun in downtown Berkeley.

Shanghai Bund

Pan Fried Pork Buns and Xiao Long Bao @ Shanghai Bund, San Francisco Chinatown


This time I actually did some research on Yelp before walking into a restaurant in Chinatown and it paid off!

Caffeine in a Bowl

Coffee served in a bowl is not exactly the most preposterous thing but never in my life did I think that I would ever drink mocha out of a bowl — until the day I went to La Boulange.

Large Mocha @ La Boulange, San Francisco


I was really baffled by this, and thirty minutes later I was still baffled. One week later I am still amazed by my discovery of the fact that in some places in the world, drinking coffee out of a bowl is normal. After typing ‘coffee’ and ‘bowl’ into Google’s search engine, I  learnt that coffee bowls are common in France and the reason they use bowls is because it facilitates the dipping of croissants and pastries into the beverage. How did I spend nearly a week in Paris and be oblivious to the existence of a French coffee bowl?


Now that my confusion has been dispelled thanks to the wonders of the internet, I have to admit that I am still impressed and amazed by the size of a large mocha because their large coffee bowl is super huge by my standard, The bowl was nearly the size of my palm and I can probably dip my face into the mocha.

Thank you, La Boulange, for the cultural enlightenment and for impressing me with your coffee portions.

Creme Brûlée

Creme Brulee from Creme Brulee Cart, Berkeley


Perhaps I had ordered the wrong flavor because Creme Brulee Cart is pretty hyped up but my five dollar creme brulee tasted like a dollar yogurt to me 😦