A Great Catch

I cannot emphasize how much I like the row of stores and restaurants in North Beach, San Francisco. As a girl who spends way too much time obsessing about food, I was thrilled to see the array of restaurants slash bars in the area. This time round, I went to Pacific Catch for asian fusion loving and to experience Hawaiian cuisine for the first time.

Pacific Catch @ North Beach, San Francisco


The Pacific Fish and Chips were delicious and I love their sweet potato fries, which came with ginger wasabi sauce and sweet chili sauce on the side. I have had pretty tough luck finding crispy sweet potato fries in my college town and these hit the spot.

The portions for the Pan-Asian Bowls are large for my standard so it was good that I was sharing the rice bowl as well as the fish and chips with my friends. As a fan of vegetables, I felt that the rice bowls had a nice balance of seafood and vegetables. My friends and I also ordered the Korean Barbecue Sticky Ribs which were finger licking good.




Pacific Catch has definitely gotten me hooked and has given me another reason to love North Beach, San Francisco. I will be tempted to come back here again the next time I go to North Beach but I do have my sights set on its neighbour, Tacolicious…

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