As much as this blog is dedicated to publishing posts about food, Stanford campus is just so beautiful that I cannot not post pictures of the different sceneries on campus. I love the Spanish architecture and the gorgeous landscape that students in a relatively poor educational institution like mine cannot even dream of asking for in the midst of the California budget crisis.






My friend took me to the Stanford Coffee House, called the CoHo for lunch. The coffee house has a very nice cozy vibe to it —  sofas on one side of the room, a mini stage that I presume is for jazzy live performances at night — I could definitely imagine myself ensconced in a couch reading a book and sipping a cup of hot chocolate all day there.

Based on my friend’s recommendations, I ordered the chicken risotto. My friend also ordered the gourmet panini turned out to be a vegetarian panini with eggplants, onions, tomatoes, spinach and cheese. I sampled some of her panini and I must say that it is delicious — personally, I prefer vegetarian paninis over meaty ones and I would recommend diehard meat lovers to temporarily shun aside any prejudices they have against vegetarian food and give vegetarian paninis a shot.

Chicken Risotto @ Coffee House, Stanford



Gourmet Panini @ Coffee House, Stanford



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