Vegan Asian

Courtesy of my friend and Yelp, my first dinner in Palo Alto was a vegan dinner. Vegan food used to be synonymous to yucky back in the day when my only experience with vegan food was in my college dining commons. Ever since I lived in my own apartment, I started branching out of my dining options and discovered that soy meat and mock seafood don’t taste as bad as they sound and can be surprisingly good.

I was pretty excited to see what pleasant surprises Garden Fresh had in store for us. For our main entrees, we ordered honey walnut shrimp and Thai lemon chicken.

Garden Fresh @ Palo Alto, CA


The texture of the honey walnut (soy) shrimp was nearly true to the real thing and the dish tasted very good. I was impressed.


Thai lemon chicken was good but this one couldn’t fool us into thinking that the meat was legitly chicken.


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