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Cappelletti with Chicken and Spinach @ Italliani’s, La Isla Mall, Cancun


We had some Italian for Christmas right after catching a movie at the La Isla Mall in Cancun and this is where I start raving about my cappelletti. The camera flash made this dish look unappetizing but I have to tell you that I am IN LOVE with this dish. Absolutely love the fine pasta and the light white wine sauce, and not to mention the extra crunch from the pine nuts.



Christmas eve dinner at Mocambo Seafood Beachfront Restaurant. My friends and I were yearning for some seafood and this was one of the restaurants that were more friendly on college students’ wallets. The restaurant has pretty nice decor and ambience, as well as musical performances at night.

Mocambo Seafood Beachfront Restaurant @ Cancun, Mexico


I ordered the Shrimp Cozumel in Pineapple and Mango sauce. Beautiful presentation but I did not think those seven pieces of shrimps were worth USD 25. This dish was blandly sweet and I felt the need to ‘cleanse’ my palate with something savoury after. The shrimps themselves were also not as juicy and tasty as the ones at Mextreme.


Close to my least favourite dining out ¬†experience in Cancun but the beautiful view of the sunset, the restaurant’s ambience and the company of friends was this Christmas dinner’s saving grace.


Mextreme @ Cancun, Mexico






La Parilla

Mole enchilada @ La Parilla, Downtown Cancun


Tasty Tuxedo

Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake @ Cheesecake Factory, San Francisco


One of my favorite from the Cheesecake Factory! The layers of chocolate cheesecake, vanilla mascarpone and fudge are just so sinfully delicious.

Seafood at Scoma’s

Scoma’s @ Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

My sister happened to be in the city and she spoilt me with a delicious lunch at a restaurant on San Francisco’s waterfront – Scoma’s.


Fettuccine with smoked salmon and rock shrimp. Absolutely love the fresh fettuccine!


Scoma’s Saute has a variety of seafood such as shrimps, mussels and scallops. This was my first time eating a meal consisting of pasta and rice in the same dish and ¬†found it pretty unusual. I also had some of their clam chowder which was pretty good.

Prices are pretty steep for college students but if there was a dish that I absolutely had to get, it would be the fettuccine. It was hands down the highlight of my lunch at Scoma’s and probably the best pasta I have had in a long time.

Home Cooked Food

Oyster Chicken and Kale @ My Humble Abode


Oyster chicken with caramelized onions, sauteed kale with garlic, and brown rice . I present to you the first chicken dish that I have cooked in two months.

Having time to whip up an actual home-cooked meal (slapping turkey breast and cheese between slices of bread does not count) can be considered a luxury for me this semester. I have been subsisting on plenty of sandwiches, free food on campus and restaurant food. There was even one point when peanut butter jelly sandwiches were my staple for a week. Judging from all the pictures of food that I have been posting up here, my multiple attempts to go on a ‘diet’ have evidently failed.

Needless to say, I have not had very many nutritional home-cooked meals the past few months. This time round, I should make a New Year’s Resolution to just eat healthier in general.



Vietnamese Beef Cubes @ Kim Thanh Restaurant, San Francisco


Garlic noodles20121206-005356.jpg


Bongo Burger

Persian  Burger @ Bongo Burger


Morning Sushi!

Japanese Brunch @ Kirala 2, Berkeley


About USD 25 worth of food enough for two meals for two person.


My first time having sushi rolls made out of brown rice. Not bad at all!



Chicken teriyaki rice bowl with my favourite bell peppers.