13 is usually not a number I am too fond of unless you are talking about quesadillas that cost only 13 pesos each, which is approximately USD 1.30!


One of our best food finds in Cancun I have to say. Great quantity and quality for the price! They have quite a number of fillings to choose from such as chorizo and potatoes, zucchini flowers, chicken and beef. Their green hot sauce is also the best — the spiciness and tanginess has that oomph that just gets to you! I am still curious as to what type of cheese they used for the quesadillas cause they are very different from the ones I typically find in quesadillas in the States.

It is unfortunate that we only tried this place out on our second to last day here. Would have saved us a lot of bucks but I’m glad we managed to experience this little gem before we left!


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