NYE at Borobudur

2012 has been wonderful year for me and it was appropriate to end it with a nice Indonesian dinner that hit close to home with my beloved friends. For appetizers, we had Otak Otak Panggang (BBQ fish cake wrapped in banana leaves) and Tempeh Goreng (fried soy bean cake).

New Year’s Eve Dinner @ Borobudur Restaurant, San Francisco



My friend ordered Beef Rendang, which is a rich beef stew made with coconut milk. I did not try it but it sure did look and smell good.


I ordered the Nasi Uduk Lengkap, which consists of rice cooked with coconut milk, fried chicken, beef, crisps, strips of fried egg and tofu in not-so-spicy sauce. Out of all the sides that came with the rice, I liked the chicken the best.


Other dishes that my friends ordered were Mie Tek Tek (spicy fried noodles) and Ayam Bakar Cabe which is supposed to be spicy BBQ chicken.


Great way to conclude an amazing year and to welcome the start of 2013!

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