Indian Snack Time

Viik’s Chaat Corner on Fourth Street in Berkeley has been claimed by some to be one of the best Indian food spots in the East Bay. I was excited to try this place out not only because it has been highly acclaimed but also because I had never really tried Indian snacks besides curry puffs and samosas.

Batata Puri


What is batata puri? To this day, I do not know. Pictures on Yelp made it look deceptively warm and savoury, but this appetizer is actually slightly sweet and cold due to the cold yogurt on top of the deep fried thing. I still do not know what I think of this.

I also ordered something a little more familiar to me — the lamb samosa.

Lamb Samosa


My favourite out of the three appetizers I ordered was the masala dosa. This savoury crepe has delicious potato fillings and gravy on the side.

Masala Dosa


The vast array of vibrant and colorful Indian sweets looked very appealing and I intend on trying some of these the next time I come to Viik’s. This place is also connected to an Indian convenience store in which I spent a good amount of time browsing Indian snacks, spices and ingredients.


This place isn’t too bad at all but I think this place is a little overrate. However, it is my words against people who grew up in India. Perhaps my palate for Indian food has — unfortunately — been Americanized and I am too content with chicken tikka masala.


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