Cafe Tibet

The first time I was introduced to momos was in Mount Everest restaurant in Berkeley and I liked them from the get-go. Momos are a cross between xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and gyozas. Generally larger than xiao long baos, they are less soupy but are stuffed with more juicy meat. After having a good first experience with momos, I was down to try them out in different restaurants, and to try a different cuisine too. That was how I ended up in Cafe Tibet on University Ave, Berkeley.


Cafe Tibet has quite a large selection of momos and I thought it was interesting that they even had salmon momos. My friends and I stuck with the more conventional ones and opted for the chicken momos. They were pretty good, but I cannot remember how the first momos I had and these measured up to each other.

Trying out a new restaurant is always a gamble as you will not know if their food will be a hit or miss. At Cafe Tibet, the momos were a hit. The Tibetan chicken curry, however, was a miss. It was quite bland for curry (more like katsu than spicy Indian curry) and the meat was dry. Some of my friends ordered noodle soups and those seemed like better choices.



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