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Food Finds in Austin

I love the food truck scene in Austin and luckily enough there was a block not too far from where I was living where food trucks parked every single day. One of the food trucks that I was most eager to try was Julie’s Handmade Noodles. Julie is well known for her beef noodle soup but I was craving some zha jiang mian which I hadn’t had in a while.


Pretty solid bowl of noodles! Noodles are freshly made and Julie doesn’t allow customers to have her noodles to go because they supposedly only taste good when totally fresh. The only downside to this was that it was pretty salty, but what do you expect from noodles mixed with salty soy bean paste. I would probably frequent this food truck often if I was a student at UT Austin.

Another place that I managed to try my final week in Austin was East Side King @ Hole in the Wall, started by a Top Chef winner Paul Qui. Over here, I had his Thai Chicken Kara-age and boy was it good. Love the juiciness and the herbs that came with it. Some of the other popular items in the menu were the fried beetroots and brussels sprout salad, and there were some interesting ones like beer bacon ramen. However, I only visited this establishment once and wasn’t about to order any more food after that delicious but sinful fried chicken.


I never go out of my way for doughnuts but after hearing people rave about Gourdough, I thought I’d check this place out. Th wait took about fifteen minutes and while I was standing in line, I stared with both awe and shock at 1) how beautiful the doughnuts were, and 2) how large they were. Each doughnut was probably the size of my extended palm. Anyway, I got the Miss Shortcake which is this baby down here, stolen from Gourdough’s website:

Gourdough's Miss Shortcake

One popular food truck in Austin is Chilantro which features Mexican-Korean fusion food. One day, they were parked outside my office building and I decided to have their bulgogi taco for lunch. What I liked about this was the spicy oil in the taco. However, they could have improved the way the meat was prepared, as it was not as tender and moist as I expected for something so hyped up. The taco was also one of the messiest tacos I had to work with as it was impossible to keep the oil from spilling.

2013-07-25 12.19.11

Other food trucks I tried worth mentioning are Torchy’s Tacos and Little Fattys. At Little Fattys, I had one of their amazing gorditas with great meat and great sauce. I love how I get to try things that I have never had or heard of in NorCal. Torchy’s were also great last tacos to have before leaving Austin. I absolutely love the tacos in Austin and I was right in thinking that I was going to miss Texas tacos so much.

Food trucks aside, I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some fine dining at Jasper’s, a restaurant by some  Iron Chef contestant. I had seared ahi tuna steak for my entree and it swept me off my feet. The texture was just perfect — not too cooked and not too raw. Hands down the best ahi tuna I have had, not that I have had that much ahi tuna in my life.