Munch Time with Munchery

 It was within the walls of my department’s computer lab that my friend discovered the existence of Munchery, another food made order and deliver company that was gaining popularity in the Bay Area. After trying it once, he has pretty much been evangelizing this company and convinced me to give it a shot.

My first impression of Munchery was that it targets customers who are too busy to cook but want an healthier alternative to regular restaurant food. Most items on the menu seem to have good balance of protein, carbs and vegetables. It also caters to people who are particular about their food being organic or wheat-free and all that jazz. Another one of their selling points is how exotic and clean the items in the menu looked, ranging from things like Peruvian chicken soup to Chashu ramen.


Under my friend’s recommendation, I got the pollo cubano and I was pretty impressed. The chicken was oh so juicy and tender, and the sauce it was doused in was delicious and foreign to my palate in a good way. It made me felt like I was discovering a taste from a different part of the world and I think that was probably the kind of cultural experience that Munchery wanted to deliver with its food. However, the chicken was lined with a lot more fat than I expected (which probably made it taste so good) for a company that seems to give off the impression of serving healthy food.

Having tried it once, it made sense to me  why Munchery and other similar companies have been getting good reception in the area. That happened to be the only time I ordered from Munchery because I was not quite willing to pay full price for their food (I got a discount the first time). If cost isn’t a deterrent and you are itching to try some of their exotic selections, I’d say why not 🙂


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