When in Beijing, eat Peking duck.


This was at Quan Ju De, one of the restaurants popular for its Peking duck (another popular one down the street is Da Dong Roast Duck). I walked in without realizing that a) it was a three to four storey restaurant, b) there would be a line for the elevator, c) there would be a large waiting room for customers to get called their number, and d) there would be another 50 min wait until the duck could be served after being seated. Basically, it’s super popular and the experience leading up to the actual food felt quite unusual to me, like I was waiting to see a general practitioner in a hospital.



I don’t usually enjoy eating ‘exotic’ things like liver but I actually quite enjoyed this one. The duck itself was, needless to say, great. Was totally stuffed after that feast so we spent some time walking along Wangfujing street, which included looking at more food…






Wangfujing snack street has some interesting sights like live scorpions but that aside, I find it a little too crowded to want to come back here.


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