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Meating in Austin

Honestly, I am usually not a super huge fan of food like hot dogs, burgers and barbecued meat. However, there was no way I would pass up the opportunity to try these while I was in Texas. With so many people in the South loving their meat, I just had to find out what was so special about their burgers and what nots over here. Can their food convert a not-so-avid meat eater to a a meat-hungry carnivore?

Bratwurst @ The Best Wurst, Sixth Street 

Bratwurst This bratwurst came from a food truck on Sixth Street, a street lined with bars and clubs. The sausage and the sauerkraut were good but the best part was their curry ketchup. Call me a noob but this was my first time having curry ketchup and I absolutely loved it!

Beef Brisket Sandwich @ Salt Lick, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Beef Brisket Sandwich

 Perhaps I should have lined up for two hours at Franklin’s for what is supposedly the best barbecue or ate at Rudy’s which is a local favorite but I did not. My laziness to go out of my way for good meat has ended up with me stuffing myself with whatever barbecue meat I could find at the airport, half an hour before leaving Austin for good. For airport and barbecue food, Salt Lick is actually pretty good bang for your buck. I have had meat-loving friends who really enjoyed this sandwich but the meat was not quite impressive enough to make a not-so-avid meat lover go crazy.

Everyone, and by that I mean every single Austinite that I have had the chance to talk to about food, raves about Hopdoddy’s. This gourmet burger bar is well known not just for their burgers but their milkshakes too. Thinking a burger alone was sinful enough, I decided to skip the milkshake. Lots of people rave about their Primetime Burger, which had way more meat than I imagined.

Primetime Burger @ Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar, Anderson St

Primetime Burger

Primetime Burger

 Honestly think that was hyped up way too much but hey, I’m not a meat person.


Whole Foods Flagship Store

Welcome to the first Whole Foods market in America.


It is so amazing that I had to embarrass myself and be a weirdo, taking pictures of groceries not-so-surreptitiously. Honestly never thought I would reach this stage.


Overwhelmed by all the choices of nuts and grains and spices.



I thought the idea of grinding your own peanut butter was very cool so I took a picture of this too.


You have to admit that a bar in a grocery store is pretty unique and worth taking a picture of…



I have moved on to a whole new level by taking pictures of raw meat. Gotta admit that raw meat has never looked this good before.


I went nuts in the bakery section of the supermarket. They had a wide selection of hearty looking bread with some samples in small containers too. I was able to sample their sweet potato bread, jalapeno bread and walnut raisin bread. Their sweet potato bread was good and is something I would consider buying. The jalapeno bread, not really, because I am not used to having my bread spicy.



I am so ashamed for taking a picture of this but I think it is cool that they have oils and vinegar in metal dispensers.


One of my favorite sections in the store is their cookie bar.



I love pistachio in desserts and baked goods so I was tempted to get myself some pistachio shortbread and pistachio cannoli.




Besides their awesome presentation of groceries in the marketplace, I absolutely love their food stands that serve a variety of food, from barbecue to sushi to gelato. Their two-meat combination with two sides ended up being my lunch and dinner for the day. My meat of choice were moist beef brisket and baby back ribs, with mac and cheese as a side. I also had their pistachio and stracciatella gelato at their gelato bar which was kind of ‘rough’ and heavy for gelato. I had a great dining experience at Whole Foods and my body must hate me right now so I think I am going to go vegetarian for the next week or two.


For Meat Lovers

Smokey J’s BBQ @ Shattuck Ave near Ashby, Berkeley


Baby back ribs were so savoury and tender — it nearly felt as if the ribs were melting in my mouth. The beef brisket was pretty good too and the corn bread? Well, so soft and sweet that I could eat four of those.

The ultimate treat for meat lovers who don’t wanna blow too much cash.

Asqew Grill

I was faced with the most mundane food dilemma when I was waiting to watch a  movie at  Emeryville – where to eat dinner?

That was when I discovered the wonders of Asqew Grill’s Happy Hours. The baby back ribs at only $3.00 was an amazing steal, and it tasted real good too. The grilled artichoke, which many people seemed to like, was good I suppose. This was the second time I had artichoke and the only reason I’m not using top dollar adjectives to describe it is because the first artichoke I’ve ever had was in a gourmet restaurant in Monterey so I had unrealistic expectations. The buffalo wings which was also part of the Happy Hour deal was pretty average.

I got a single balsamic beef skewer and grilled pear salad with candied almonds. I was slightly disappointed to see so much salad and so little meat but well, I did order a single skewer. The grilled pear, with hints of caramelized sugar, tasted good and the candied almonds went well with the pear and the salad.

The best part of my dining experience at Asqew Grill was hands down, the $3.00 baby back ribs. If I could turn back time, I would just order three baby back ribs as my entree because they were so freaking good.