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Davis Sushi Buffet

Whenever anyone mentions Davis in California, few of the many things that will pop into my head are the university, the fields and the SUSHI BUFFETS. This was my second time pigging out at a sushi buffet in Davis. My first was at Fuji Sushi and this time round, my friend took me to Davis Sushi Buffet.

Sushi Buffet @ Davis Sushi Buffet, Davis CA


After all these years, I still derive so much joy from picking dishes from sushi boats and trains.


King Roll made to order.


Fried tofu, oysters and crabs. I liked how the tofu was so soft and delicate on the inside!

Really great selection of sushi and other dishes for only USD 15, which I might add is pretty cheap compared to other sushi buffets in or near Berkeley. They even had  sesame red bean balls and soft custard buns which I liked. The only thing that I felt was lacking was their dessert options — complimentary green tea ice cream would have made it perfect!


Indian Indulgence

Zaika at University Avenue is officially my favourite Indian restaurant in Berkeley.

I had their $8.99 lunch buffet which was a great source of comfort food after an exhausting move-in day.Several food items that stood out to me were the tandoori chicken (so tender and juicy!), butter chicken and curry chicken. The buffet also came with refillable basket of naans and hot chai tea.


This restaurant slash sports bar has a slight upscale feel to it and I felt a bit out of place amongst people in blazers and work wear. I am definitely coming back here for their buffet, probably in something better than a sweaty T-shirt and pyjama bottoms.