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Whole Foods Flagship Store

Welcome to the first Whole Foods market in America.


It is so amazing that I had to embarrass myself and be a weirdo, taking pictures of groceries not-so-surreptitiously. Honestly never thought I would reach this stage.


Overwhelmed by all the choices of nuts and grains and spices.



I thought the idea of grinding your own peanut butter was very cool so I took a picture of this too.


You have to admit that a bar in a grocery store is pretty unique and worth taking a picture of…



I have moved on to a whole new level by taking pictures of raw meat. Gotta admit that raw meat has never looked this good before.


I went nuts in the bakery section of the supermarket. They had a wide selection of hearty looking bread with some samples in small containers too. I was able to sample their sweet potato bread, jalapeno bread and walnut raisin bread. Their sweet potato bread was good and is something I would consider buying. The jalapeno bread, not really, because I am not used to having my bread spicy.



I am so ashamed for taking a picture of this but I think it is cool that they have oils and vinegar in metal dispensers.


One of my favorite sections in the store is their cookie bar.



I love pistachio in desserts and baked goods so I was tempted to get myself some pistachio shortbread and pistachio cannoli.




Besides their awesome presentation of groceries in the marketplace, I absolutely love their food stands that serve a variety of food, from barbecue to sushi to gelato. Their two-meat combination with two sides ended up being my lunch and dinner for the day. My meat of choice were moist beef brisket and baby back ribs, with mac and cheese as a side. I also had their pistachio and stracciatella gelato at their gelato bar which was kind of ‘rough’ and heavy for gelato. I had a great dining experience at Whole Foods and my body must hate me right now so I think I am going to go vegetarian for the next week or two.



For the Chocolate Aficionados

Just last week, I was fortunate enough to experience one of Berkeley’s most exquisite secrets:

Perhaps it is not that much of a secret to those who often stroll down Gourmet Ghetto, but it is definitely understated among students, probably because of its price. However, consuming these chocolates was an amazing experience. They were, hands down, one of the best chocolates I have ever had in my life.

Snaps beautifully with a crisp crack upon biting, and the cocoa flavour is deep but not overpowering. The different flavours in the chocolate blend together in perfect harmony and the texture of the silky truffle titillates the taste buds. These delightful chocolates are perfection in small sizes.

What I also really liked about the chocolates is that they are not too sweet, unlike many of the chocolates that you can usually find in stores. But then again, Chocolate Alegio isn’t exactly your typical chocolate.

Clockwise from top left: Ginger and Orange (my favourite), The Caribbean 66%, Habanero, Ecuador 90%

Chocolate Alegio far exceeded my expectations and I will never ever underestimate local businesses again. Thank you Berkeley, for slowly making me deviate from the mainstream, one food choice at a time. What’s next, grocery shopping at Farmers’ Market?