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Trying to be Cultured

Eating at Ethiopia Restaurant has made me feel a little bit more cultured.

This was probably one of the few meals that I have had in the States that did not involve any utensils whatsoever (with the exception of sandwiches and pizza). I was initially amused at the novelty of tearing off pieces of injera and using them to pinch entrees from the large plate. As stupid as this sounds, eating with only my fingers made me attain a temporary illusion of culture.

I walked into Ethiopia Restaurant thinking that I was going to go for the $6.99 vegetarian buffet but my friends and I ended up ordering three different dishes; the vegetarian combination, the meat combination and yebeg alicha (lamb stew). The different components of our dishes were laid out on a large communal plate covered with spongy injera bread. Our meals also came with unlimited injera on the side! I love the soft and porous texture of this traditional Ethiopian bread — however, I must warn that it is deceptively filling for a “light” bread.

In general, I liked most of the components of the meat and vegetarian combination. A few of my favourites include tekil gomen (cabbage and potato), yemisir w’et (red lentils), yebel alicha (mild lamb stew) and t’ibs w’e’t (spicy beef friccassee stew). The beef stew was the one I liked the best, mainly because of its spiciness.

Ethiopian food tastes rather similar to Indian food because they both incorporate the same type of spices in their dishes. If you are a fan of Indian food, you do not have to worry about Ethiopian food  being too adventurous of a choice. Even if you find Ethiopian food to be somewhat mild compared to Indian food,  the momentary thrill that you experience from eating with your bare hands will make up for it.