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French Food for the Soul

Quite ironically, I have never had a proper French course before despite having been to Paris before (funnily enough, I ended up eating pizzas and lamb shanks instead crepes and baguettes). When confronted with a choice between two restaurants, one Italian and one French, I immediately jumped at the idea of going to the French restaurant to make up for lost gastronomic opportunities. That was how my friends and I ended up in Liaison Bistro.

Liaison is a great place to take someone for a romantic dinner — good ambience, and dear and delicious meals to impress your date with. The people who served our ¬†food were also very friendly and professional, and they were very descriptive in explaining the various items on the menu. My friends and I eventually settled on their three course meal and a plate of burger and fries to share between the three of us.

First course: Salad

I need to learn how to enjoy healthy salad.

Second course: Fish and Nuts 

I have no idea what fish this is, or how they cooked it, or what they cooked with it but all that matters is that this fancy fish was superb! I loved the taste and texture of the fish as well as the mild seasoning and nuts on top.

Croque Americain

Burger was alright but the french fries and garlic dip were super tasty, and this is coming from a girl who doesn’t like french fries all that much.

Dessert: Chocolate Thingamabob with Raspberry Sauce

Delectable. The chocolate and the raspberry sauce made an excellent combination.

Together with the 10% discount for Cal students, each of us ended up paying about USD 16. Not too bad for a three course meal eh?