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Senja Lounge

A few days ago, my family and I had dinner at one of our favourite grillhouses, Senja Lounge in Riverview Hotel. ‘Senja’ literally means dawn in the Malay language, which I found to be a very apt name for the restaurant. ‘Senja’ conjures up images of sunsets in my mind which I frequently associate with beauty and romanticism, and I believe that this is the atmosphere that the restaurant is striving for with their dim lightings, mock bar and fancy giant blackboard menus. While I enjoy basking in the ambience and all that jazz, I experienced some trouble reading off their paper and blackboard menus in their darking-than-dusk lighting. I started questioning myself as to whether I had night blindness issues until my dad started using his mobile as a nifty torch light to illuminate the menus. It is nice to know that I am not alone.

The darkness aside, I had a very good dining experience here. I loved the appetizers that we ordered and my pot roasted lamb shank.


Grilled Mushroom with Cheese and Beef Bacon 

Gotta love the juicy portobello mushrooms topped with savoury cheese and  beef bacon bits.

Molten Blue Cheese with Mussels and Shrimps

Literally a melting pot of blue cheese, mussels and shrimps. An excellent and sinful bread dip!

Pot Roast Lamb Shank

Tender lamb shank bathed in sweet gravy. Smooth mashed potato and salad on the side. Huge meat delight!