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The World’s My Oyster

More like oyster’s my world.

On our way for a fabulous ladies day out at Napa Valley, a friend suggested we made a stop at Hog Island Oyster for lunch. After Hog Island Oyster, there’s no way I can be satisfied with oysters served at hotel buffets anymore – both a blessing and a curse.

Raw Oysters including Hog Island Kumamoto

Fresh Oysters


Baked Oysters
Baked Oysters

The oysters are incredibly fresh and heavenly, both the raw and baked. I particularly liked the ones baked with delightfully sinful amount of butter and herbs. Their clam chowder is pretty different from your average chowder in that its consistency is more like that of  thin soup. Still pretty darn good though!

Clam ChowderClam Chowder


A Meal to Remember

After eating theme park food and food from chains like Panda Express days on end (gotta give props to Sushiology though which has good cheap sushi), my friends and I decided to spoil ourselves on final night in Orlando and went to Bonefish Grill. Since this grillhouse is non-existent in California and we had never heard of it before, we did not have much of an inkling on what to expect. I was impressed by the decor and the ambience in the restaurant — it was definitely a place suitable for dates or a nice night out with your friends or family. The service was also excellent. Needless to say, this establishment has left an indelible mark on us.

Bang Bang Shrimp @ Bonefish Grill, Orlando


The Bang Bang Shrimp totally rocked my socks off and is a must-have. The shrimps were so crispy and the spicy sauce gave them an extra oomph!

I opted for a dinner special that came with a choice of either soup or salad, and an entree. Going for the crab chowder was a no-brainer for me and was definitely the right choice — my friends could not stop dipping their bread into my chowder because it was so good!

Crab Chowder


For the entree, I had a dish with an assortment (well, four kinds) of seafood — Ahi tuna, tilapia, Norwegian salmon, and scallops and shrimps. I have yet to truly appreciate Ahi tuna but everything else was awesome. The fish had the good texture and flakiness, and the seasoning and sauces made them even more delicious.


My friends and I would have made our meals complete with desserts and I had my eye on the Jamaican coconut pie with rum sauce…but we had to return our car to the rental company. Was this meal worth the splurge? Hell yeah. One of the best meals — if not the best — I have had the past year.


Christmas eve dinner at Mocambo Seafood Beachfront Restaurant. My friends and I were yearning for some seafood and this was one of the restaurants that were more friendly on college students’ wallets. The restaurant has pretty nice decor and ambience, as well as musical performances at night.

Mocambo Seafood Beachfront Restaurant @ Cancun, Mexico


I ordered the Shrimp Cozumel in Pineapple and Mango sauce. Beautiful presentation but I did not think those seven pieces of shrimps were worth USD 25. This dish was blandly sweet and I felt the need to ‘cleanse’ my palate with something savoury after. The shrimps themselves were also not as juicy and tasty as the ones at Mextreme.


Close to my least favourite dining out  experience in Cancun but the beautiful view of the sunset, the restaurant’s ambience and the company of friends was this Christmas dinner’s saving grace.

Seafood at Scoma’s

Scoma’s @ Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

My sister happened to be in the city and she spoilt me with a delicious lunch at a restaurant on San Francisco’s waterfront – Scoma’s.


Fettuccine with smoked salmon and rock shrimp. Absolutely love the fresh fettuccine!


Scoma’s Saute has a variety of seafood such as shrimps, mussels and scallops. This was my first time eating a meal consisting of pasta and rice in the same dish and  found it pretty unusual. I also had some of their clam chowder which was pretty good.

Prices are pretty steep for college students but if there was a dish that I absolutely had to get, it would be the fettuccine. It was hands down the highlight of my lunch at Scoma’s and probably the best pasta I have had in a long time.

A Great Catch

I cannot emphasize how much I like the row of stores and restaurants in North Beach, San Francisco. As a girl who spends way too much time obsessing about food, I was thrilled to see the array of restaurants slash bars in the area. This time round, I went to Pacific Catch for asian fusion loving and to experience Hawaiian cuisine for the first time.

Pacific Catch @ North Beach, San Francisco


The Pacific Fish and Chips were delicious and I love their sweet potato fries, which came with ginger wasabi sauce and sweet chili sauce on the side. I have had pretty tough luck finding crispy sweet potato fries in my college town and these hit the spot.

The portions for the Pan-Asian Bowls are large for my standard so it was good that I was sharing the rice bowl as well as the fish and chips with my friends. As a fan of vegetables, I felt that the rice bowls had a nice balance of seafood and vegetables. My friends and I also ordered the Korean Barbecue Sticky Ribs which were finger licking good.




Pacific Catch has definitely gotten me hooked and has given me another reason to love North Beach, San Francisco. I will be tempted to come back here again the next time I go to North Beach but I do have my sights set on its neighbour, Tacolicious…

Seafood from Venus

Steamed Tomales Bay Mussels @ Venus Restaurant, Berkeley


Absolutely mouth watering and I love the spicy and flavourful coconut curry!  The curry beats the relatively mild ones I have had in Thai restaurants. The day I had this was also the day I learnt of the existence and wonders of fennel and trumpet mushrooms.

Pan Seared Albacore Tuna


Frankly a vast disappointment but thankfully this was not my actual dish. The tuna was rather bland and dry, and that should not be the case for a dish carrying its price tag. Seriously, just go for the mussels. Full stop.

Taco Party!

Fish Tacos @ Rubio’s, San Francisco

Seafood in Singapore

Seafood @ No Signboard, Singapore

Finally tried Singapore’s signature chilli crab!


Takoyaki @ Tsukiji Gindaco, ION Orchard


The sauce and shaved bonito on top of the takoyaki tastes as good as it looks.


My picture does not do the takoyaki justice but the octopus and the warm molten filling are so savoury and good. This was my third time eating takoyaki and they are the best I have had by far. I guess third time’s the charm!


Birthday Dinner @ Elephant Bar Restaurant, Fremont

Great ambience, plenty of appetizing Asian fusion dishes to choose from, large portions and some decent happy hour deals. Pretty good place to celebrate my big two-one 🙂