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Love for Laksa

328 Katong Laksa @ Changi International Airport

I have gotten too used to expecting food with rip-off prices in airports, thanks to the likes of SFO and Heathrow. At SGD $7, this Katong Laksa is a relatively good deal for ‘airport’ food that is not fast food.

This laksa was joy in a bowl to me; the noodles were nice and thick and there was a decent amount of seafood, although I have to admit that the cockles were too fishy for my liking. However, the best part was the soup and its coconut milk goodiness. Perfect way to conclude my four day layover in Singapore!


Dim Sum

Dim Sum @ Wah Lok Restaurant, Singapore

The bo lo bao is exceptionally delightful and is my favourite dish from that meal. The bun and the sweet BBQ pork filling are just perfect.

I also love  their har gao (shrimp dumpling). It is always so hard for me to find har gao with the right skin thickness and with fresh shrimp that does not fall out when I try to eat it. Wah Lok’s har gao simply hits the spot.

My family and I ordered a whole bunch of other dishes too but the bo lo bao and har gao were my favourites. Overall a great dim sum experience. It will be a long time until I get to eat dim sum this good.

Seafood in Singapore

Seafood @ No Signboard, Singapore

Finally tried Singapore’s signature chilli crab!

Macaron Madness

Tea-infused flavours like Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate, Napoleon Tea & Caramel, and  Camelot Tea & Praline. Soft and delicate almond biscuits with super smooth ganaches in the middle. Now, these are what I call good macarons. I have been spoilt by macarons from Pierre Herme and TWG. I do not think I can go back to eating macarons from Masse’s ever again.


Takoyaki @ Tsukiji Gindaco, ION Orchard


The sauce and shaved bonito on top of the takoyaki tastes as good as it looks.


My picture does not do the takoyaki justice but the octopus and the warm molten filling are so savoury and good. This was my third time eating takoyaki and they are the best I have had by far. I guess third time’s the charm!